Examine your source code and get a list of issues found


Improve application reliability and quality


Reduce overall costs of development, maintenance and support

Code analysis tool for Embarcadero Delphi

The tool for Delphi developers that detects issues in Delphi source code.

FixInsight for Embarcadero Delphi

It’s a well known fact that bugs found early in the program development are cheaper to fix. It costs significantly more to fix a bug at the end of the project than it does to fix the same bug earlier. And if we have the tool that can help us reduce a number of bugs on early development stages, it is a good reason to use it.

The static code analysis performed by FixInsight can help you find bugs early in the development process. You will be able to identify potential errors and oddities. Think of FixInsight as a compiler extension that lets you instantly find issues in your code which you would spend hours debugging otherwise. Find bugs in your code before your customers do.

In addition to producing a list of warnings when issues are found, the tool also checks your code for coding convention compliance. You can find a full list of code patterns handled by FixInsight in documentation. You even can integrate FixInsight with your build process using the command-line tool, it has a whole set of options that will let you run analysis automatically.

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